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  • Dr. Dicello and Meagan made every accommodation to ensure that my experience would be pain free. I am so grateful for the gentle yet effective manner of the team and the way they made me feel! I am looking forward to my next visit

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  • Great place! The doctor called on a Saturday night to check on my son who had surgery Friday afternoon.

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I use whitening toothpaste, so why aren't my teeth whiter?

While advertising toothpaste as “whitening” may be a good marketing tool, these toothpastes cannot truly offer a dramatic change in the color of your teeth. Some over-the-counter products can provide some improvement to the surface stains of your teeth, but may have little effect on the darker or deeper stains that can happen over time. Some whitening toothpastes also contain abrasives, which can mean sensitivity after regular use. The abrasives in whitening toothpaste may be too harsh for your teeth and ultimately do more damage than good.

A truly white smile can only be accomplished by bleaching your teeth with highly concentrated teeth whitening products under the supervision of an experienced dentist. We have both at our Peoria, AZ dental office. We welcome you to call and schedule a teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Dicello. He can go over our two types of whitening and help you make a decision that works best for you.

In-office teeth whitening - This provides you with great results in about an hour. Come in for your appointment and walk out with a whiter, brighter smile.

Take-home custom whitening trays - We design whitening trays that fit your teeth and bite perfectly. You will use a small dot of gel for each tooth and whiten your teeth each day for about two to three weeks. You can hold onto your trays for touch-up treatments in the future.