Children's Dentistry

At A Glowing Smile Dental Care, we see patients of all ages, including as young as one year old. Often, establishing an early relationship with the dentist can help to prevent dental care anxiety and allow your child to be comfortable receiving dental treatment. 

Special Needs Dentistry for Kids

When treating patients who are very young or who have special needs, it is extremely important that the dental professional possess a high degree of patience, compassion, and professional skill. Prior to working in private practice, Dr. Dicello worked as the Dental Director for HonorHealth’s Children’s Dental Clinic. Additionally, he spent several years working specifically with special needs patients with the Indian Health Service in Northern Arizona. His combined working knowledge, experience, and education allow for him to provide excellent dental care for those patients who may require additional patience, care, and compassion. 

Fluoride Treatment & Sealants: Preventing Cavities

At their visit, children may be given x-rays to diagnose any existing tooth decay and fluoride treatment to prevent future tooth decay from developing. In addition to twice-yearly fluoride treatments, Dr. Dicello may recommend dental sealants on your child’s teeth to prevent cavities. Sealants are placed on the biting surface of the back teeth to help prevent cavities in molars.

Children and teenagers are most susceptible to cavities, and so sealants are an excellent tool in preventing tooth decay for our younger patients-but some adults may benefit from sealants as well. Dr. Dicello can help you determine whether or not you would benefit from this non-invasive, simple procedure. Typically, Dr. Dicello can apply the dental sealants in just minutes. This is entirely painless, and a tremendous way to prevent more invasive treatment (like filling cavities) in the future.

Our goal at our Peoria office is to treat every child with special care, and encourage them with positivity and humor. A child’s first visit to the dentist is crucial in establishing confidence and so we do everything we can to make it a fun and stress-free experience. From the moment they are called back to the dental chair to their special “exit prize” on their way out, our compassionate and competent dental team works to ensure that your child’s dental experience is calming and fun.

If your child is at least one year old, early dental care and oral hygiene instructions can save your child from costly and invasive dental interventions in the future! 

Tooth decay is highly preventable, and early dental care is the best path to optimal oral health.  

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