Dental Implants

Modern dental implants offer a premium solution for replacement of missing teeth. Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of your teeth, implants offer a definitive replacement with beautiful esthetics. Implants positively impact your smile, ability to eat foods that you like, as well as add support for teeth adjacent to the missing tooth.

What is a Dental Implant?

An implant can be thought of a titanium post that we place into the jaw below the gum line where it can’t be seen. Over the titanium implant, Dr. Dicello will attach an abutment that serves as a post on which to cement a permanent, custom-made porcelain dental implant crown.

Implant planning begins well before implant surgery. At A Glowing Smile Dental Care, our professional dental team starts the implant process by taking detailed x-rays of the patient’s teeth to determine whether or not a patient is a good candidate for an implant. Depending on the patient’s needs, a CT scan is sometimes necessary to assist in the implant process. Using the images from the CT scan, a 3-D computer-generated surgical template is created to ensure that the implant is perfectly and precisely placed. This reduces any chance of the placement hitting important structures in the jaw such as sinus cavities or other teeth. The final result is a beautiful implant and crown that looks and functions like a natural tooth.

Your Dental Implant Appointment

Typically a dental implant is placed using only numbing anesthetic, like the kind you’ve had many times during a filling or crown. Once the patient’s mouth is numb and comfortable, an implant is gently placed using current and advanced implant placement technology. The implant placement process is typically completed in less than half an hour. Patients feel no pain and are able to talk during the procedure. 

You can expect the area to be numb for approximately two hours after implant placement, and typically any soreness is sufficiently treated with over-the-counter Tylenol or Motrin. Additionally, many patients are pleased to discover that no over-the-counter medication is even needed, as the procedure is so gentle.

After an implant is placed, Dr. Dicello may place a same-day crown on top of the implant abutment. In some cases, it may be best to delay the crown placement for three or more months to allow the implant to better lock into place. Every patient has different needs, and Dr. Dicello will determine which treatment will offer the best results for you. 

After an implant is restored with a cemented crown, only typical brushing, flossing and regular six-month cleanings are needed. Our A Glowing Smile Dental Care hygiene team is experienced and trained to understand implants, and therefore we use special implant-cleaning scalers to gently clean around the implant to ensure that it is properly protected to last for many years to come.

Dental implants are wonderful, long-lasting solutions to replace missing teeth. In the early 2000s, implants were very expensive and therefore financially impractical for many patients. However, thanks to advances in technology, implants are now an affordable part of dentistry. Your smile is for life and builds confidence that pays dividends both personally and professionally. 

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