Dental Crowns

Dental crowns or caps, as they are sometimes called, are a solution for when a tooth has been severely worn or compromised due to advanced cavities, cracks, or failing, broken-down fillings. A crown can give new life to a tooth that is at risk for either fracture or a root canal.

When You Need a Dental Crown

At A Glowing Smile Dental Care, Dr. Anthony Dicello will examine your teeth and fillings to determine whether or not a crown is a suitable treatment for your needs. If a crown is recommended, Dr. Dicello will explain the process and benefits of placing a crown and help the patient to understand all of his or her treatment options. 

Certain procedures, such as root canal therapy, will oftentimes be followed up by a crown placement in order to protect your tooth. A root canal procedure can make your tooth brittle and more prone to breaking. A dental crown prolongs the life of your tooth – often by decades!

Your Dental Crown Procedure

At your appointment, Dr. Dicello will numb the areas around the tooth to ensure that you are comfortable. He will then remove any old filling material and clean out any decay in the tooth. Oftentimes, the areas of the tooth where cavities have been removed will be filled back in, a procedure called a core build-up. This gives your crown a stable foundation.

Next, Dr. Dicello will carefully prepare the tooth to receive a custom dental crown. Once this preparation is done, an impression for your custom crown is taken and a temporary crown is placed over the tooth and cemented into place.  

Your Final Restoration

Your next appointment typically completes the procedure with a crown delivery. At this appointment, the crown is carefully examined to make sure that it fits with exact precision and comfort. Dr. Dicello will also take this time to ensure that your bite is comfortable and accurate, making any adjustments necessary. Once the fit is perfect, the crown is permanently cemented.  

A porcelain crown will function just like your natural tooth. You can eat normally, knowing that the crown is designed to stay in place. Typical brushing, flossing and six-month check-ups and cleanings help to ensure your new crown lasts for many years. 

If you have a nighttime grinding habit, we may recommend a nightguard to protect your teeth and your dentistry. A clenching and grinding habit can destroy your smile and your investment.

Contact Us for Your Next Dental Exam

If you think you are in need of a dental crown, or if your existing crown is old and damaged, give us a call today at our Peoria, AZ dental office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Anthony Dicello.