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I went to a corporate chain dental office and had a bad experience. Would Dr. Dicello give me a second opinion?

Absolutely!  We pride ourselves on being an independently owned, private dental practice committed to our community. Being independently run and owned means that we are able to provide exceptional dental care and service to our patients without compromising the integrity of our work. Our commitment is always to providing excellent dental care for our patients. We don’t have quotas to meet or corporations to answer to. We answer to our patients first and foremost, and that starts with providing individual, personalized care for each and every patient. Our patients appreciate the consistent dental care that we are able to provide. 

We’re happy to have you in the practice and will be gentle and help you get your teeth fixed at your pace. We don’t push unnecessary dentistry or use technical lingo that confuses our patients. 

We consider our patients to be a part of our dental family, and you will never be treated like a number at our office. Dr. Dicello has many years of experience performing numerous aspects of dentistry, and enjoys helping patients see that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! Many of his patients are relieved to find that the procedures they once feared were not such a big deal! Our team of hygienists and dental assistants focus on providing compassionate, gentle, and excellent dental care. 

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with an awesome doctor who will be there for you and your family throughout the years!

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